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I was certain it would not work but I hate mosquitos.

Mosquitos have always loved me. I could be sitting in any group of people, and I would get bitten while everyone else was left untouched. I love to be outside so this was a constant issue. We bought citronella candles which seemed to make it worse. We bought tiki torches with citronella with similar results. Eventually, I just started putting on bug spray. As long as I was coated head to toe, I would be fine. But it always seemed to leave a residue. I had seen in several magazines mosquito traps that cost several thousand dollars. Very expensive but I sure considered it. Then my wife brought home a device she bought on sale for around $100 and I knew we had been ripped off. But the DynaTrap changed everything. Listen to the podcast to find out how it works. Here is a link to buy if you like what you hear. We can be paid a small commission if you buy with this link.

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